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Vishaal founded Snarky Elephant Productions, a production company unmasking the elephant in the room through stories told by underrepresented communities. 

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Acting Reel

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"Meet Vishaal Reddy, the creative genius behind a new dark comedy series, Insomnia" -  Avani Thakkar, ELLE INDIA

"You learn more about these characters in the short episodes than you do in many of the TV shows trending on Netflix."

- Sharan Dhaliwal, BURNT ROTI

"...Refreshing and revolutionary...the best thing Reddy does is to embrace his nuanced identity in a way that previous representations rarely do."  - Proma Khosla, MASHABLE

"Reddy's tenor is beautifully light and his performance is sublime..."


"Insomnia  finds a hearty dose of laughs and sexuality to keep things entertaining, and Reddy injects Nikhil with enough charm and vulnerability to keep him relatable, even at his most neurotic." - David Reddish, QUEERTY

"I wrote Insomnia for those who feel like outsiders. I wrote Insomnia for those who are messy, funny, awkward, sad… but I most importantly wrote Insomnia for humans who need to feel seen and heard." - Samantha Riedel, THEM.US

"...a fresh and honest perspective on the millennial Indian American generation." - Zofeen Maqsood, THE AMERICAN BAZAAR

“Insomnia  has quickly become a-don’t-miss web series and an important source of adding shade and color to what can seem like black and white issues" - Anubhuti Kumar, BROWN GIRL MAGAZINE

"Laced with dark humour, this show weaves in conversations around racial discrimination, mental health, sex work, cultural appropriation and queer loneliness." - Chintan Girish Modi, MEDIUM

"On the privileged front, Vishaal Reddy gives the most fun, sending up the vocal mannerisms of a host of white boys apt to find their inner worlds precious cargo."-Donald Brown, The New Haven Review

"Vishaal Reddy in a haunting and moving performance, slowly spiraling into a world of despair and regret." - Geralyn Greco, StageBuddy

Insomnia deals with a barrage of issues pertaining to questions of identity, but it does so with a humor and a style that makes it incredibly endearing." - Caemeron Crain, 25 YEARS LATER

"Raunchy Upcoming Mini-Series Insomnia Will Redefine South Asian Media Representation" - Aaron Mok, ASAMNEWS

"Your singing actually sounded really great. I'm surprised."

The most important reviewer: my mother.

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Julie Keller | Key Talent Management

Anthony Boyer | DDO Artists Agency

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