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News & Updates

Vishaal created and stars in INSOMNIA! It's streaming now and check out the episodes below.

Vishaal was accepted into the Tribeca Film Creator N.O.W. Program and was nominated for TWO Queerties - Best Actor in a Digital Series and Best Digital Series.

He is also developing three other scripted series' along with some original music. Stay tuned!

All episodes of INSOMNIA can be streamed below!

Acting Reel

For a full resume and vocal reel, please contact Vishaal below. Thanks!



"Meet Vishaal Reddy, the creative genius behind a new dark comedy series, Insomnia" -  Avani Thakkar, ELLE INDIA

"...Refreshing and revolutionary...the best thing Reddy does is to embrace his nuanced identity in a way that previous representations rarely do."  - Proma Khosla, MASHABLE

"Insomnia  finds a hearty dose of laughs and sexuality to keep things entertaining, and Reddy injects Nikhil with enough charm and vulnerability to keep him relatable, even at his most neurotic." - David Reddish, QUEERTY

"...a fresh and honest perspective on the millennial Indian American generation." - Zofeen Maqsood, THE AMERICAN BAZAAR

"You learn more about these characters in the short episodes than you do in many of the TV shows trending on Netflix."

- Sharan Dhaliwal, BURNT ROTI

"Reddy's tenor is beautifully light and his performance is sublime..."


"I wrote Insomnia for those who feel like outsiders. I wrote Insomnia for those who are messy, funny, awkward, sad… but I most importantly wrote Insomnia for humans who need to feel seen and heard." - Samantha Riedel, THEM.US

“Insomnia  has quickly become a-don’t-miss web series and an important source of adding shade and color to what can seem like black and white issues" - Anubhuti Kumar, BROWN GIRL MAGAZINE

"Laced with dark humour, this show weaves in conversations around racial discrimination, mental health, sex work, cultural appropriation and queer loneliness." - Chintan Girish Modi, MEDIUM

"On the privileged front, Vishaal Reddy gives the most fun, sending up the vocal mannerisms of a host of white boys apt to find their inner worlds precious cargo."-Donald Brown, The New Haven Review

"Vishaal Reddy in a haunting and moving performance, slowly spiraling into a world of despair and regret." - Geralyn Greco, StageBuddy

Insomnia deals with a barrage of issues pertaining to questions of identity, but it does so with a humor and a style that makes it incredibly endearing." - Caemeron Crain, 25 YEARS LATER

"Raunchy Upcoming Mini-Series Insomnia Will Redefine South Asian Media Representation" - Aaron Mok, ASAMNEWS

"Your singing actually sounded really great. I'm surprised."

The most important reviewer: my mother.

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Anthony Boyer | DDO Artists Agency

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